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"Conversation With the President of the Turkish Contractors Association: On Competition" METU Alumni Bulletin, Sept. 2007Umit Caglar and Nafi Ipek28.09.2007
Prizes for Masters and Ph. D. Theses; Deadline for Application 16 November 2007Ercan Uygur14.09.2007
Student Grants of the Turkish Economic Association and FoundationErcan Uygur08.09.2007
Beware our foes' motives for investingOya Erdogdu04.09.2007
Workshop on Savings, 12 December 2007Ercan UYGUR31.08.2007
Productivity, Technological Progress, Structural Characteristics and Real Changes After the 2001 Crisis in the Manufacturing Industry of TurkeyBedriye SARAÇOGLU-Halit SUIÇMEZ 30.01.2007
International Conference of the Turkish Economic Associationİrfan Kalaycı10.10.2006
Prizes for Masters and Ph. D. Theses; Deadline for Application 17 November 2006Ercan UYGUR18.09.2006
Global Development Network Announcement for 2006 Awards CompetitionErcan UYGUR04.09.2006
An Economic Analysis of The International Petroleum MarketH.Naci BAYRAÇ17.05.2006
Liberalisation in the Public Hospital Sector: Reflections in Turkey (In Turkish)Ömer Gider-Mehmet Top03.08.2005
Prizes for Masters and Ph. D. Theses: Latest Application Date 14 November 2005Ercan Uygur03.10.2005
Paul Krugman: "Loosing Our Country"Fikret Görün13.06.2005
Call for Papers; 14th World Congress of IEAInternational Economic Association (IEA)06.06.2005
Is the EU Ready for Turkey\'s Acession?Serkan Aran06.06.2005

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