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Economists Debate State of the World and Their Science in TurkeyMartin Khor08.11.2012
International Conference on Economics ProgrammeTEK13.10.2012
The (other) deleveraging: What economists need to know about the modern money creation process Manmohan Singh, Peter Stella17.09.2012
The IMF response to the crisis: Crisis prevention and political influence Alberto Zazzaro, Andrea F Presbitero17.09.2012
TEK ve TEK Vakfı Öğrenci Bursları TEK11.09.2012
TEK Doktora ve Yüksek Lisans Tez ÖdülleriTEK11.09.2012
New preface to Charles Kindleberger, The World in Depression 1929-1939J. Bradford DeLong, Barry Eichengreen02.08.2012
International rules for capital controlsOlivier Jeanne, Arvind Subramanian, John Williamson02.08.2012
The euro and the global crises: Finding the balance between short-term stabilisation and forward-looking reformsJoshua Aizenman02.08.2012
How do economists assess the european economic crisis? A surveyAndres Frick, Andrea Lassmann, Heiner Mikosch, Stefan Neuwirth, Theo Suellow02.08.2012
New-paradigm globalisation and networked FDI: Evidence from JapanRichard Baldwin, Toshihiro Okubo27.07.2012
Developing countries' financial vulnerability to the Eurozone crisis: An event study of equity and bond markets Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak, Minsoo Lee, Donghyun Park27.07.2012
The Eurozone crisis: Fiscal fragility, external imbalances, or both?Pietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni, Andrew Hughes Hallett, Andrea F Presbitero27.07.2012
The housing market and the case for higher inflation targets in the US and the EurozoneJoshua Aizenman, Menzie D. Chinn 27.07.2012
The impossible hope of an end to austerityCharles Wyplosz28.06.2012

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