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Developing countries' financial vulnerability to the Eurozone crisis: An event study of equity and bond markets Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak, Minsoo Lee, Donghyun Park27.07.2012
The Eurozone crisis: Fiscal fragility, external imbalances, or both?Pietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni, Andrew Hughes Hallett, Andrea F Presbitero27.07.2012
The housing market and the case for higher inflation targets in the US and the EurozoneJoshua Aizenman, Menzie D. Chinn 27.07.2012
The impossible hope of an end to austerityCharles Wyplosz28.06.2012
Does macro-pru leak? Evidence from a UK policy experimentShekhar Aiyar Charles W Calomiris Tomasz Wieladek28.06.2012
The coming revolt against austerityCharles Wyplosz28.06.2012
The Dutch CPB: What can be learned from the world's oldest fiscal watchdog?Frits Bos Coen Teulings28.06.2012
Is LTRO QE in disguise?Jean Pisani-Ferry Guntram Wolff04.06.2012
Credit default swaps: Useful, misleading, dangerous?Richard Portes04.06.2012
TARGET2: Not why Germans should fear a euro breakupKarl Whelan04.06.2012
Fiscal consolidation: Too much of a good thing?John Van Reenen04.06.2012
The euro's salvation lies in a little less Europe; not more EuropeAvinash Persaud12.05.2012
The austerity debate: Festina lente!Carlo Cottarelli12.05.2012
Spending cuts to improve confidence? No, the arithmetic goes the wrong wayJ. Bradford DeLong12.05.2012
Fiscal devaluation as a cure for Eurozone ills ? Could it work?Ruud de Mooij Michael Keen12.05.2012

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