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Shifting motives: Explaining the build-up in official reserves in emerging markets since the 1980sAtish R Ghosh Jonathan D Ostry Charalambos Tsangarides02.03.2012
Understanding past and future financial crisesPierre-Olivier Gourinchas Maurice Obstfeld02.03.2012
Foreign banks and the global financial crisis: Investment and lending behaviourStijn Claessens Neeltje van Horen02.03.2012
Foreign banks: Trends and impact on financial development Stijn Claessens Neeltje van Horen02.03.2012
What drives surges in capital flows?Atish R Ghosh Mahvash Saeed Qureshi12.02.2012
Capital inflows, exchange-rate flexibility, and credit boomsNicolas Magud Carmen M Reinhart Esteban R Vesperoni12.02.2012
Adjustment patterns to commodity terms-of-trade shocks: The role of exchange rate and international reserves policiesJoshua Aizenman Sebastian Edwards Daniel Riera-Crichton12.02.2012
What have I done to deserve this? Global winds and Latin American growthLuciano Cohan Eduardo Levy Yeyati12.02.2012
Blanchard on 2011's four hard truthsOlivier Blanchard17.01.2012
China's dominance hypothesis and the emergence of a tripolar global currency systemMarcel Fratzscher, Arnaud Mehl17.01.2012
European Banking Authority and the capital of European banks: Don't shoot the messengerMarco Onado, Andrea Resti17.01.2012
The EFSF: Unfinished businessBalint Horvath, Harry Huizinga17.01.2012
Growth from international capital flows: The role of volatility regimesAshoka Mody Antu Panini Murshid05.01.2012
Germany and the Eurozone: Clutching disaster from the jaws of victory?John Muellbauer05.01.2012
Currencies and trade: Looking at the recent literatureMarc Auboin, Michele Ruta05.01.2012

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